‘You Must Change your Life’

Colombia, Ernesto Valero Thomas (EVTh)
Colombia, Ernesto Valero Thomas (EVTh)

Peter Sloterdijk, when talking about ecological design: “… the history of high culture is nothing but a long line of people who have taken the imperative “You must change your life” literally, and read it according to the circumstances of their time, as Brahmans, Buddhists, Stoics, Christians, aestheticians, politicians. In today’s situation, “You must change your life” means that the old model for civilization of Western, now global, industrial culture has to be turned completely upside down an replaced by something entirely new. This can be thought of as a spiritual requirement but also as pragmatic advice. There is no need to create a new religion to dissuade us from ecological suicide. The absolute imperative of our time demands an ethos and a technology compatible with the advanced state of cosmopolitan, ecological consciousness.”


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