Population DENSITY … Density … density . . . d e n s i t y . . . d e n s i t y

Historically, one element considered as mandatory for a city to succeed is its ability to achieve high densities: the concentration of many people in compact areas. Agglomerating citizens and their economic structure in proximities can be economically and even socially liberating. … Continue reading Population DENSITY … Density … density . . . d e n s i t y . . . d e n s i t y

“You must change your life”

Peter Sloterdijk, when talking about ecological design: “… the history of high culture is nothing but a long line of people who have taken the imperative “You must change your life” literally, and read it according to the circumstances of their time, as Brahmans, Buddhists, Stoics, Christians, aestheticians, politicians. In today’s situation, “You must change your life” means that the old model for civilization of Western, now global, industrial culture has to be turned completely upside down an replaced by something entirely new. This can be thought of as a spiritual requirement but also as pragmatic advice. There is no … Continue reading “You must change your life”