Map of the daily air travels in the world

The aerial traffic of people, ideas, and merchandises in the early 21st century

The aerial movement of people, merchandises and ideas constitutes the medulla of the world in the early 21st century. Globalization via the skyline is one of the most suggestive metaphors of contemporary fluxes of information and economy.

These fluxes have promoted the growth, expansion and mutation of thousands of human agglomeration on Earth. Cities and towns are now are interconnected by the sky. The biosphere witness half a million air travels everyday. In 2011, more than 2.5 billion tickets  (2,770,448,937) were sold around the world.

However, despite all the advantages and the approachable nature of the aerial connection, this form of transportation produces a high intensity pollution in the biosphere. An accelerated consumption of fossil fuels is essential for the functioning of this techno-utopia. The aerial bridge is a risky business in terms of the ecological impact. A Boeing 747 traveling from London to Singapore burns 242, 000 litres of fuels, around 1,500 barrils. In terms of consumption per capita, passengers of the same flight will ‘absorb’ between 3 and 9 barrils depending on economy, business or first class.

The aerial traffic of thoughts, products and humans embodies an expensive ecological damage that we are just starting to comprehend.

* Data and image retrieved from

Map of the daily air travels in the world
Map of the daily air travels in the world
Flights in Europe
Flights in Europe
Flights USA Mexico
Flights USA Mexico

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