The Ecology of Petrol Stations

Gas Station in Sonora, Mexico. EVTh
Gas Station in Sonora, Mexico. EVTh
  • Peter Droege, on his book Renewable City: ‘ A coal and oil combustion frenzy of epic proportions has powered urban growth for almost a century. this carries two immediate risks: the imminent peaking of the prime fuels feeding this infernal ritual; and dangerously shifting, largely warming, global climate patterns’ 
  • The ritual of consuming fossil fuels in the everyday life has different expressions in the built environment
  • Perhaps the most visible infrastructures on human settlements are Petrol Stations (Service Stations, Gas Stations)
  • Petrol Stations are the seeds of the current motorized terrestrial mobility
  • Generic and local, two characteristics of the Petrol Stations around the world
  • Behind every Service Station, there is an analysis of energy consumption and mobility patterns
  • Millions of social and economic encounters occur there
  • This contemporary typology shape the movement of cities and villages
  • What will happen to Petrol Stations with the next energy paradigm shift?
  • How are we going to use all that infrastructure once the motorized terrestrial mobility diversifies its sources of energy?
  • How to deal with this infernal ritual of petrochemical consumption in contemporary cities?

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