Photomontage, air train in Chapultepec, México, 2008. Ernesto Valero Thomas (EVTh)

Chapultepec is, by far, the most important of all the public spaces in México City. Spread over its three sections, it also offers the cheapest and most varied attractions of the city, resulting in a very valuable option for citizens not only from Mexico City but also to foreign visitors. Among the most visited spots of Chapultepec are the Zoo, the Chapultepec Castle, the Botanical Garden and national museums such as the Museum of Technology and the Museum for the Children “El Papalote”. The scarce and degraded connections between the three sections make it very difficult to explore Chapultepec as a unity, therefore the public park is disintegrated. The aim of the Air Train project is to reconnect the sections by a high rail circuit with six stations that would cover in 10 minutes the 3 miles of the route from the Auditorio metro station to the Colegio de Arquitectos (Mexican equivalent to the AIA or the RIBA). The location of each station has been chosen based on the property of articulating knots, which should help in perceiving the park as a sole entity. As Mexico´s City most important example of public space, Chapultepec´s interests must be considered as a matter of social responsibility. The actions undertaken for its transformation should be a result of its age, so as to underline its role as a dynamic and social melting pot, where sustainability is the norm. (Full article in Spanish) Crisis de la movilidad urbana y del espacio publico. Tren elevado en Chapultepec Ernesto Valero Thomas  //  Jimena García Galindo


Photomontage, air train in Chapultepec. Ernesto Valero Thomas (EVTh)

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