WATER STRUCTURES, to capture, to store, to deliver

Puerto Progreso, Mexico. Ernesto Valero Thomas (EVTh)

Water is a vital element of life. Regardless of location and scale, every human settlement has had a decisive relationship with their hydraulic resources. This natural asset is essential in the development of the cities and permeates in every category of their sustainable development (human, social, economic and environmental).

The global phenomenon of municipal water supply is confronted very often to the perils of the abundance and scarcity of the vital liquid. Water-related infrastructures must search for a balance between their performance and their environmental impact.
The urban landscape has been shaped by collective infrastructures, including waterworks. Two transcendental changes in the current schemes of water management must be addressed; the first one is to reconsider the scale of the urban infrastructures; the second one is the reorientation of science and technology, highlighting the virtues of smallness and autonomy. The adaptation of new patterns of water consumption is crucial when dealing with a high demand of hydraulic resources, especially in the domestic realm. The legibility of the infrastructure is fundamental for its operation and also for the architectural expression of the construction. In addition, the visibility of the watercourses within a city promotes the reconciliation between the artificial with territories and landscapes.

Puerto Progreso, Mexico. Ernesto Valero Thomas (EVTh)

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